Christmas Service (Heart of England)

  • 04 Dec 2022
  • Services
  • 13:30

Christmas Service

"At Christmas you think of the Son of God as a child, as a babe; He is all that – He is simple and loving and pure and innocent; but He is also a great Sun in the heavens which gives life to all creatures."

White Eagle

What is this?

This is a Christmas service for everyone at the Unitarian Chapel in Warwick High St. (Warwick) on Sunday 4 December at 1.30pm (GMT). 

We will gather at 11.30am for the 12 noon service and, after lunch, hold the Christmas service. The bookstall will have next year’s calendars and books suitable for Christmas gifts.

Please note: Linen Street Car Park is now closed. Contact Pam for available car parks.

If you are able to provide a small donation of £5 or more towards the cost of hiring the chapel, this will be very much appreciated.


  • We hold an online prayer service (via Zoom) on the fourth Wednesday each month at 2.30pm (GMT). All are welcome to join.

To find out more, please contact your local star centre leader: