Inspiration (online)

  • 04 Jun 2022
  • Retreat
  • NA

‘You say, “I do not know whether it is myself or not.” There is always a state of wobble. But with surrender of the mind, pure inspiration seems to flow over the brain, not through the brain. We can only put it in that way.’

White Eagle

What is this?

This is an online retreat led by Anna Hayward exploring what it means to be inspired in any area of life, and what inspiration actually is. How do we recognise and deepen our inspiration?


The retreat will include:

  • 9:30am START
  • Exploring how to recognise and deepen our inspiration
  • Meditation processes and specific activities to help you attune
  • Discovering the necessary development of discrimination and discernment
  • Sending out the light
  • 12:30pm FINISH

Who is this for?

This retreat is ideal for those who seek a better understanding of 'inspiration' in the context of the White Eagle teachings. 

Even if you're just curious about our short retreats or the teachings, this 3-hour experiential session has plenty for you to engage with, as well as sharing together.

What you will need to join

We will be using the video calling software Zoom for this retreat.

To use Zoom you will need a computer or a phone with a speaker and camera. You can access further details here.

You can also download the Zoom app here to explore it beforehand and make sure it meets your system requirements.

Do I need to book?

Yes please. Click here to let us know which event/s you'd like to attend and you will receive a Zoom invitation a few days before.

This event is free, but if you can donate something we'd very much appreciate that. Your contribution will support the future of the White Eagle Lodge.

You can donate here: 


All income from this event will continue our spiritual work, support our community and allow us to improve our care for people and the planet.