An Introduction to Paneurhythmy with Sarah Dawkins (Session 1)

  • 26 Apr 2023
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  • 10:30

What is this?

Experience a half day of gentle dance-yoga outdoors...

White Eagle Lodge is offering you the chance to experience six Paneurhythmy sessions with Sarah Dawkins.

Sarah will lead her first session behind the new Temple of Light at New Lands, Hampshire (UK) on Wednesday 26 April 10:30am - 3:30pm. This is a comprehensive introduction on how to practice the paneurhythmy, with breaks throughout the day. The remaining 5 sessions (see events page) will involve practising the paneurhythmy movements only, and each session will last approx. 1 hour. Donations welcome.

The aim of Paneurhythmy is to produce an awareness of your oneness with nature and the cosmos. Gentle dance, song and colours are introduced to gradually induce a meditative state in which you will stimulate the energies of the Earth to rise and link with the energies of higher beings.

Sarah is a Feng-Shui consultant, co-director of Zoence Academy and secretary of the Francis Bacon Research Trust. She organises, teaches and leads workshops and pilgrimages internationally. Sarah is married to the philosopher, historian, author and teacher, Peter Dawkins.

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How to find us

Directions to New Lands Retreat House, Temple and Gardens:

White Eagle Lodge, Newlands, Brewells Ln. Liss, GU33 7HY

Extra information

This is an outdoor, half-day dance-yoga activity at New Lands in Hampshire (UK).

  • FREE parking on-site
  • Sorry, lunch is not provided for this activity. Please bring your own (vegetarian/vegan)
  • Activity materials (e.g. handouts), if available, are FREE to take away
  • Yoga mats are not needed
  • If the weather doesn't favour us on the day, this activity will move in to the Temple Meeting Room.
  • This activity is FREE, donations welcome.


Nearest stations are Liss and Liphook.


New Lands Retreat House, Temple and Gardens is 9 minutes from the A3


A2B Taxis Liss - +44 (0) 1730 233 299

Do I need to book?

Booking is not required for this activity. Please arrive on the day at the indicated time to take part.

For anything else, please email

"The aim of Paneurhythmy is to produce an awareness in the dancers of their oneness with nature and the cosmos."