The Campfire

Join us in warmth

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Welcome to The Campfire!


This is where you can find out when our next campfire is taking place, what the session looks like and how you can get involved.

The Campfire allows us to meet online each week, where meeting physically may not always be possible. A typical session may look like this:

  • Earth Healing
  • An attunement for a situation in the world that requires the light of the Star
  • A talk on a subject connected to the White Eagle Teachings
  • An open discussion
  • A meditation

"Let us all gather round the campfire – the divine fire, the fire of the Son of God, the living divine fire, source of life."

White Eagle

"Bring your imagination into activity and see the divine fire in the centre here burning on the altar just as the campfire burnt in the old days."

White Eagle