2022: What can we expect?

For the first time for quite some while, it is not necessary for me to keep emphasizing the effects of Pluto. Yes, those effects continue to reverberate, but the overall planetary pattern has changed significantly over the last twelve months.

Pluto is now operating on and off, in tandem with both Neptune and Saturn; each of these planets is moving through the latter parts of the signs they occupy – Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius, Neptune in Pisces – and as they move forward, retrograde, and forward again they will aspect each other for a while, several times over the course of the year. 

When the lighter planets move into aspect with any one of them, they will tend to act together as well as separately, through the lighter planet. The effects will vary, of course, but there is one underlying theme. Pluto, as always, is indicative of the profound changes taking place. 

Saturn, while being practical and symbolic of the outworking of karma, being in the air sign of Aquarius is indicative of mental concentration and consideration, while Neptune symbolises the spiritual dimension, expansion and raising of consciousness.

Saturn and Neptune often work well together, and the opportunity is there for the global upheaval indicated by Pluto to be addressed constructively from both the practical and spiritual viewpoints at the same time, bringing a balanced approach that combines common sense and inspiration.

Uranus continues to move through Taurus, shaking up well-established institutions and disturbing financial norms, but its square with Saturn becomes less evident this year, although still within orbs for much of it. The Uranian ‘surprises’ will become less of an issue as the triumvirate of the other heavy planets (see above) exerts itself.

For Jupiter it is a case of ‘new year, new sign’, the planet having entered Pisces from Aquarius at the end of December.

As Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, this is a harmonious position for it, but it is now entering the faster part of its orbit round the Sun and it spends nearly half the year, between mid-May and October, in the following sign (Aries) – more of that in the three-monthly updates for the spring and summer. 

When both Jupiter and Neptune are in Pisces at the same time, as they will be outside those times, the Piscean influence will be very strong – a good time for aspiration and the raising of consciousness, but less helpful for practicalities; fortunately, Saturn’s strength will do much to counter any excess of the ‘something will turn up’ attitude – in other words, the Pisces influence is good for faith, but Saturn helps to restrict any unrealistic expectations.

Simon Bentley, Head of Astrology