2023: What can we expect?

Perhaps the most ‘exciting’ thing about the heavens in 2023, at least to astrologers, is that after fifteen years in Capricorn, Pluto is beginning to move into Aquarius. This year it will only ‘dip its toe’ into the new sign for a few weeks and then retrograde back into Capricorn, but the change of emphasis will be palpable, even if not accompanied as yet by any obvious outward manifestation of the sign change, which will be much more evident in 2024. 

While Pluto in Capricorn has had so many far-reaching effects on economic, corporate and institutional affairs, the major emphasis will shift to matters of mind and attitude and the ways in which we work together (or not) and develop a proper sense of brotherhood at all levels of life. A period of great striving for truth in all areas of life seems indicated, a period of much interrogation of power too: this, of course, is already occurring, but will become much more crucial. 

Pluto in Aquarius is also likely to be evident in major scientific developments which have been worked on quietly for a long time and then emerge into practical fruition. Above all, Pluto in Aquarius will help us to understand better the power of thought – and test us to see if we can truly use it for good rather than self!

Neptune continues to move through the late degrees of Pisces; it will not enter Aries until 2025; meanwhile it remains very strong, being in its own sign. This can bring muddle and deception or wonderful enlightenment, depending on how we react to its influence.

Uranus continues to move through Taurus, shaking up well-established institutions and disturbing financial norms, but there is more of a sense of urgency with this now: the economic issues besetting the world need addressing more than ever. Like Aquarius, the new age sign, Uranus, the new age planet emphasises the need to face the truth – in this case, the planet being in Taurus, with regard to any and every economic issue that we face.

Saturn moves from Aquarius to Pisces in early March; it is a less harmonious position for it, but useful in helping to face the facts that Pisces (especially when Jupiter and Neptune have been placed there) has sometimes ’encouraged’ us wilfully to choose not to face, to ignore or deny.

Simon Bentley, Head of Astrology