Our History

Grace Cooke saw White Eagle regularly throughout her early life, but it wasn’t until later, when he started to channel the teachings through her, that she recognised him as her spirit guide.

She, and her husband Ivan, founded the White Eagle Lodge in 1936. It was established to give everyone the opportunity to learn from White Eagle’s gentle yet profound teachings.

The first building was opened in Kensington in London, followed by a White Eagle Lodge in Scotland.

A growing movement

White Eagle Lodge grew quickly in its first few years as people sought spiritual solace during the Second World War. The practice of ‘sending out the light’ – to heal and uplift the physical world – was developed as a response to the conflict.

Although the original Kensington building was lost during the war, six months later a new building was opened a short distance away from the old site.

New Lands, White Eagle Lodge’s country centre in Hampshire, opened in September 1945.

New locations are launched

White Eagle Lodge continued to grow – first with a small American group in 1947, then in Europe, followed by an Australian group in the 1960s. Three temples have so far been built: at New Lands in 1974 (rebuilt in 2022), in Australia in 1990 and in the United States in 1992.

Over the years, our focus has shifted from spiritualism to spiritual unfoldment practices, offering ways for individuals to develop their own connection with the higher realms.

Although the White Eagle Lodge has grown into an international spiritual organisation, it remains a friendly ‘home of the spirit’ for people to meet and work together towards world peace and healing.

White Eagle Lodge has no formal affiliations to other religious or spiritual groups and warmly welcomes all.

"You are called together in this lodge of the White Eagle to learn how to purify your bodies, how to live wisely and healthily; to learn how to give service to your fellow creatures, how to heal, how to comfort, how to help all people with whom you come into contact. The Lodge of the White Eagle is a place of spiritual learning, spiritual unfoldment – where the soul may learn to rise into the heavens, to fly into the sunlight as the eagle flies."

White Eagle

A biography of Grace Cooke

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