The Star and our Symbols

"We could never define it if we talked the whole length of an incarnation, but to sum up we would say that the Star is God’s plan for humanity. It is the symbol of creation; and in the very centre of the Star you will find eternity."

White Eagle

Six-pointed Star

The six-pointed Star is a living form of love and light that can be projected from our heart and mind to bring healing and upliftment to the physical world. Through it, we make direct contact with spirit and with the wisdom of the higher world. It also means that, when we focus on the Star, we ourselves radiate light.

Why is it significant?

The Star consists of two equilateral triangles – one pointing upwards, the other pointing down. The coming together of these triangles symbolises our aspiration to the world above, and the grace of heaven meeting the yearning for growth in the world below and becoming one.

"There is a law which all ancient brethren understood – as above so below. Nothing manifests in the etheric world, in the soul worlds, on the mental planes, which cannot manifest on the material planes."

White Eagle

Can I learn to use The Star?

Yes, anyone can use the Star to unlock the healing power within and bring unconditional love into the world. We use it as a symbol to lift us up in meditation, as a focus in healing, and as a model to aspire towards as we strive for spiritual growth. It is a guide, just like the Star of Bethlehem. 

Try our guided visualisation:

Other Symbols

Cross within the Circle

The cross is, on one level, a reference to life on Earth. The four arms (or quarters) represent the four elements, but they also symbolise the sacrifice associated with the cross. As a symbol it represents incarnation on Earth. White Eagle describes the circle in this symbol as the divine love that holds the whole of incarnation on Earth.

Tudor Rose

The five-petalled Tudor rose is a subtle representation of the bringing together of opposites. When paired with the more masculine Star the soft, heart-linked symbol of the Rose offers a feminine counterpart.

Rose Star

Our Rose Star logo is carried on all White Eagle publications as a mark of authenticity.