Aquarius Rising

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Post by Jane Lewis

“Do not think that your thoughts and desires rest in the imagination alone for every thought has its own unique image and content, as well as its own independent life. In the future, your brain, lungs and other organs will be woven out of your current thoughts and desires; by the practice of correct thinking we are designing a fresh wardrobe for our future spiritual body.”

Master Peter Deunov, Philosopher and Spiritual Teacher

The Sun’s ingress to Aquarius gives a foretaste of the most-anticipated astrological event of 2023 when Pluto enters this sign at the end of March.  

This is considered to be a significant gateway into the Aquarian Age as it represents a further inrush of the new energies and the old Piscean hierarchies and top-down ways of thinking will be further swept away. 

In The Light BringerWhite Eagle describes his vision of the Aquarian Age and what life and society will look like, saying that it holds potential both for revolution and evolution.  We can anticipate further uprisings as peoples around the world find it impossible to tolerate any longer the unequal conditions they have previously been forced to accept, and instead they will feel impelled to stand up for their rights instead taking lying down the lies and injustices that have been doled out to them.  The present times can perhaps be likened to an acute Uranus transit to a personal horoscope, for example the Uranus half return in our early forties, when the pressure to live our truth becomes so intense that we simply have to take action and implement radical change no matter what: otherwise we know that some essential part of us is going to die.

We will be going through yet another phase of major world change, something we’ve been having to get used to!  We should remember, though, that radical change need not be feared, nor need it be painfully anarchic and chaotic, only the lower aspects of human nature tends to make it so.  The 20th century saw many bloody revolutions as the ‘common man’ found the courage to stand up for individual rights, the daily life of the masses having been dehumanised to the point where, looking back, you might wonder if it was worth living. 

White Eagle reminds us that we can have evolution instead of revolution, which is the better path to change, but this does require an about-turn consciousness: by revolving the letters we get EVOLution which reflects LOVE back to us.  The key challenge of the Aquarian Age is to balance Love with Intellect, Leo the heart being the opposite twin of Aquarius.  As Aquarian energies rise human consciousness will continue to expand, as it does so opening hearts so that they radiate love-filled generosity and become filled with the courage of a lion to roar at injustice and defend the oppressed.  When the arrogant, over-intellectual mind is able to make contact with its childlike qualities of innocence, trust and humility then the lion will lie down with the lamb.

Psychologist Carl Jung was a strongly Aquarian individual, far more deeply immersed in and influenced by astrology than is generally known, mainly because he felt unable to ‘come out of the astrological closet’ during the times in which he lived, fearing ridicule and loss of his professional reputation within the mainstream scientific and medical community of the mid 20th century.  However, in recent years his astrological writings have emerged into the light of day to reveal the depth of his conviction about the relevance of astrology for humanity as it enters the Aquarian Age.  I’m expecting his influence to re-assert itself in some major way in the next few years when important posthumous transits to his natal chart activate his Aquarius-Leo axis: Jung had a 7thhouse Sun Leo opposing Aquarius rising, and imaged himself as the man with a lion’s head.  Jung’s main area of professional concern was with the psyche,  soul and spirit. 

As Pluto establishes itself in Aquarius over the next 18 months we might envisage a revolution in medical science to do with the heart and circulatory systems.  In later life Jung had a near-death experience following a heart attack (reflected by a major Pluto transit to his natal chart) but he felt great anger at not dying because his experiences at the time were ‘glorious’ when ‘night after night I floated in a state of purest bliss’.*  He believed that his many visions and dreams evidenced his experience of the Mystic Marriage.  During those weeks he could not free himself of the impression that this earthly life is a ‘segment of existence which is enacted in a three-dimensional boxlike universe especially set up for it.’  His initial anger over his physical survival subsided and he gradually regained his belief in this earth-bound world but the memories of those beautiful visions clearly had a deeply transformative effect on him.

I wonder what he would make of our current times were he alive today?  What fresh wardrobe might he have woven for himself ‘last time around’ for his future spiritual body to wear next?