New Bird and Bat Boxes Installed

Estimated Reading Time: 2-3 minutes

If you're on a retreat, attending an activity in the temple or maybe just walking your dog across New Lands estate, during any season, you are likely to come across a wild animal or bird that makes you stop and stare for a moment. 

It might be a deer with her fawns in the middle of a wild field on a misty morning, or perhaps the sudden 'whooshing' sound of a starling murmuration forming complex shapes with ease over the copse behind the temple. Whatever it is, we are so lucky to have such beautiful creatures choosing New Lands as a safe space to visit all year round. This is their home too.

To preserve this beauty, this balance, we are always looking to encourage wildlife and a range of beneficial plants and flowers to the area. Making our own compost and leaf mould, or deliberately allowing areas to grow wild and vibrant are just some of the ways we follow organic principles to achieve this balance.

Our latest project involved the help from a wonderful local charity known for producing high-quality timber products! Recognising the many pressures wild birds are experiencing in the world at present, White Eagle Lodge worked with the local Liss branch of the Men's Sheds Association to produce 21 timber bat and bird boxes for placement across New Lands estate. 

Volunteers at Liss Men's Shed worked hard to produce them and they feel sturdy and look great. Little bat signs were drawn on the boxes too, just in case a certain caped hero decides to drop by. Thank you guys!

With the aim of adding to the number of safe spaces we can provide for animals over the coming years, we hope this latest project will help bird species by providing a place for them to roost and nest.

The Men’s Shed Association is an international organisation set up to help alleviate the isolation of men caused by, for example, retiring from work, bereavement, medical & other conditions.