Happiness is a Journey, Not a Destination

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Post by Jenny Dent

There are lots of interesting travel programmes on TV nowadays.

Recently I have been enjoying the current series `Amazing Railway Journeys` presented by Nick Knowles. I love learning about other cultures, and hearing fascinating personal stories.

At the end of the programme I have just been watching, (in Malaysia), Nick was talking about all he had seen and experienced while travelling, and he said he had realised that `Happiness is a journey, not a destination`.

That really made me think, and reminded me of some of White Eagle`s words in The Quiet Mind. He tells us: `Do not look backwards unless it is to say,`How beautiful is the path that I have traversed!` Do not regret the past. You are moving forward, travelling life`s path to find happiness once again, and this time an enhanced happiness.`

That is a lovely thought, isn`t it, especially when things seem particularly challenging! White Eagle helps us have confidence in God`s amazing plan for our lives on earth, and encourages us to have the courage to step forward when new opportunities come along. Of course, these are not necessarily going on amazing physical journeys, but maybe a `letting go` of old restrictive thought patterns to enable us to experience the `enhanced happiness` of which he speaks.

And the final saying in the Quiet Mind, which is headed simply `Happiness`, always opens my heart when I re-read it! `Happiness is the result of praise and thanksgiving, of acceptance; a quiet, tranquil realization of the love of God. This brings to the soul perfect and indescribable happiness. God is happiness.`

So, yes, God wants us all to be happy, and do our best each day to find the rays of sunshine behind the clouds. Let`s try!