Heaven on Earth

Estimated Reading Time: 2-3 minutes

Post by Jane Lewis

Pisces energies are very strong when the Sun enters Pisces at the time of a new moon. Neptune is still in this sign and Saturn will also move into Pisces in early March.  Technically, Saturn isn’t strong in Pisces as Saturn rules earth and air signs Capricorn and Aquarius, but that’s not to say that good things can’t come about.  

In truth, there’s no such thing as good and bad signs for planets to be in because planets in detriment, fall or incompatible signs simply have to work harder to unfold the highest qualities of their essential nature.  Nothing in a horoscope comes about by accident but as a result of cumulative past life thoughts and deeds.  Difficult planetary placements by sign, house or aspect show the opportunities for soul growth, either through direct personal challenge or through a difficult set of environmental circumstances, usually a mixture of both.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents the end of the soul’s journey on a particular evolutionary cycle and the related 12th house is the place where loose ends need to be tied together before the soul can move onwards.  Having started out in Aries where the individual seeks to differentiate and distinguish itself as a separate entity from everyone else, and having journeyed symbolically through each of the signs in which it must fully develop its life force alone, then in close partnership with one or two significant others, and then progressively with more and more people until its main engagement is with society and humanity as a whole, the soul completes the cycle in Pisces where its personal identity merges with the collective.  In this last stage the soul seeks to purify and perfect itself in readiness for that divine union and its main focus is to return to source and identify with the Mother-Father God within.

Pisces, traditionally ruled by Jupiter, is the least worldly sign whilst Saturn, the planet of earth is the most practical and realistic.  Pisces is the least materialistic and Saturn the most.  With Saturn in Pisces we have a blend of earth and water which, when poorly mixed together makes a muddy mess, but when perfectly balanced create rich and fertile growing conditions.  Pisces is idealistic and Saturn is pragmatic.  Pisces yearns to escape from the heavy, restricting conditions of the earth plane and yearns to escape up into heavenly worlds.  Saturn is the Teacher, Tester and Gatekeeper and souls incarnate first in the ‘school of hard knocks’ and then in the ‘university of life’ so that the rough edges of the lower personality can be gradually smoothed away, one by one.  Earth life provides a range of tools that are exactly right for the job, and depending on just how rough and jagged those imperfect edges are, metaphorically speaking a hammer, grinder, chisel, sandpaper or simply a rough cloth are needed.  Life conditions can often make us feel as though we are being hammered, ground down or simply buffed-up, and the beauty of astrological awareness is that we can better understand just how hard things actually feel while appreciating higher necessity within the context in the bigger spiritual picture. 

White Eagle speaks about the cutting and polishing of the many facets that eventually make up the perfect jewel that is the human soul.  In each incarnation one facet of that beautiful jewel is being worked upon, the more facets, the more beautiful the jewel, the more lovely its colour and light.  Each individual has its own jewel to perfect, and there is a collective jewel of the human soul that is also being made perfect through the slow, gradual and painful grinding down of those rough edges.  He explains that the Piscean age was to teach humanity the value of a good and pure life in preparation for the next age of Aquarius, which is the time when humanity will see heaven while on earth.  Saturn in Pisces is surely symbolic of this.  Pisces represents the best and the worst of things, superficially Saturn is the traditional malefic planet, but paradoxically light emerges from the darkness and Saturn is also the Light Bearer,  or lucifer figure, meaning that dark times and hard conditions serve the purpose of transforming matter into pure spirit.  Saturn grounds the spirit and literally brings it down to earth, as indicated by the downward pointing triangle in the six-pointed star.  Jupiter raises matter back up into spirit, symbolised by the upward pointing triangle.  Together, Saturn and Pisces work in a very special way to form the perfect balance of that six-pointed star which is the jewel that blazes forth from the human heart when its long journey through matter is complete and spirit radiates through matter.  In this way, the spirit life is lived out on earth.