Heavenly Perspective

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Post by Jenny Dent

Many years ago I was watching a children’s art programme on TV and I have always remembered something said: ‘How things look all depends on where you are when you are looking at them!’ Seems obvious, but when we are embroiled in earthly conditions and problems, it is easy to forget.

I was reminded of this recently when I had a family outing to a ‘funfair’ and went into ‘The Hall of Mirrors’! The convex and concave mirrors distorted our images. The whole body or just a part of it looked strangely different when elongated or shortened. I started thinking about how often we see not only our own problems but others too through maybe distorted ‘mirrors’ of our own prejudices or upbringing. Past experiences, our home environment, views expressed in the media and thoughts of those around us can all affect us more than we realise. They can also affect how we ‘see’ those around us, and our reactions to them.

White Eagle reminds us in The Quiet Mind:

‘If you want to get a clear picture of any condition in life, don’t try to see things with your nose on them! See them from the highest point, from the plane of spirit, and you will be surprised how different your problems look.’ - The Quiet Mind

Those in the heaven world who are guiding and helping us on our journey through life are able to see a much clearer picture, not distorted by the mists of the earth mind. They can also see a clearer view of things from the perspective point of view. They may well be able to see how short term karmic situations from the past are offering opportunities which would be missed if there were a magical healing solution!

Time from a heavenly viewpoint is very different from our earthly concept of it! 

As White Eagle says in The Quiet Mind:

'Whatever your trouble, put God and thoughts of God in place of that trouble. Think Godly things. Even if he does not appear to be doing so, see that your brother is striving towards God. See the world developing and growing more spiritual.’ - The Quiet Mind