Kind Hearts

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Post by Jenny Dent

I have always enjoyed `Love Heart` sweets, and was happy to discover the other day a packet of `Kind Heart` sweets, with messages on each to lift the heart on a cloudy day! Kindness is catching. 

Covid 19 was, and is, also catching, but it seems to me that a gift it has given the world is an increasing emphasis on caring and kindness. If you have been enjoying, as I have, the BBC2 TV series `Race Around the World`, the series set in Canada this time, you may have noticed how often kindness is mentioned. There is no public transport in the remoter parts of this vast country, and our racing couples often had to rely on lifts from locals. How kind the people were (and are), often going many kilometres out of their way, and sharing their food `with strangers`. An inspiring example for everyone watching, and an encouragement to pass on `gifts of kindness` as we journey through life. 

King Charles touched on this in his Christmas Day speech, talking about his mother`s faith in people and the power of the light and goodness in human hearts, a faith he shares. He said: `It is belief in the extraordinary ability of each person to touch with goodness and compassion, the lives of others, and to shine a light in the world around them. This is the essence of our community and the very foundation of our society.`

May is the month of the Buddhist festival of Wesak, and a good time to focus on `Metta`, the principle of `loving kindness`. The Dalai Lama has said: `My religion is loving kindness`. Concentrating on daily gifts and thoughts of loving kindness always brings a reward of an increased feeling of wellbeing. Whereas thoughts of recrimination and regret pull us further down into despondency. White Eagle`s teaching is full of encouragement to be kind. I have just been looking at the section of the Quiet Mind on `The Master Soul is Gentle, Loving, Kind`, and re-reading the passage entitled `Love is an inward beauty`:

`To love is to give the Christ spirit within, without any thought of return. You are all so apt to feel you must have a return for your love, but the soul has to learn to give love. Love is an inward beauty which flows from the heart, from the life.