The first edition of Altair for 2023 is now available!

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The first edition of Altair, our astrology journal, for 2023 is now available. 

Altair is only published twice per year, so announcing new editions is always a special moment for our astrologers. Unlike Stella Polaris, which provides a free subscription to members, Altair is only purchasable in our book store.


The name ALTAIR means 'eagle' in Arabic. It is the brightest star in the constellation
Aquila, which also means ‘eagle’, but in Latin. Mythologically the eagle, the ‘bird of Jove’
(king of the gods), was considered the one creature that could soar to the realm of the
gods without aid. It is also the traditional symbol of St. John, the writer of the gospel and
the Revelation, whose consciousness in like manner could soar to the celestial heights. It
is our hope that this journal will similarly open and raise the consciousness of its readers.

Four astrological articles feature in this edition:

  • The Dedication of the New White Eagle Temple (Carole Wood)
  • The Dedication of the New White Eagle Temple (Patricia Godden) - Incl. Tropical, Draconic and Heliocentric Horoscopes
  • A Further Astrological Look at the NHS (Simon Bentley)
  • The Age of Aquarius (Joan Hodgson)