NEW BOOK! Beyond and Within

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'If we ask ourselves what we actually want in life, the ultimate answer, when we have gone through the superficial and immediate things, might be to become aware that we are greater beings than we think we are...'

Beyond and Within

Beyond and Within: The White Eagle Way to Meditate Effortlessly is the latest and most comprehensive publication from White Eagle Books on meditating in the White Eagle way.

Focussing on Heart Meditation, a term generally given to White Eagle meditation, and using the White Eagle teachings, Anna Hayward guides us on a meditative journey to find a state of being which is beyond the physical, but which is also to be found within ourselves, and which is our true home.

This newly published White Eagle book features many ways to help quieten the mind, and to encourage exploration of all the opportunities meditation has to offer.

As well as discussing key topics of Heart Meditation such as ‘mindfulness and more’, ‘why stillness works’, ‘experiencing higher vibrations’, the book covers the various stages of meditation, and offers an inspiring 8-week programme of daily meditative short exercises to build up a regular practice. Besides helping with personal and soul growth, Heart Meditation also highlights how this can lead us to find ways to help others and our world.

This is a book for those who might find meditating a challenge, and would love to experience the stillness, comfort and strength which comes from a regular practice. It is above all an encouraging book, which explains the process clearly and liberates you to find something which works for you – as the sub-title says, ‘effortlessly’!

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