The latest edition of Stella Polaris is now available!

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December's edition of Stella Polaris, our bi-monthly magazine, is now available. It can be purchased in our bookstore or you can sign up to become a member and receive all editions throughout the year for FREE.


Three White Eagle articles feature in this edition:

  • A Christmas Message
  • Magnificent Gift of God
  • White Eagle's New Year Message

This edition also includes Silver and Gold by Anna Hayward, Christ Mass Meditation by Gay Robinson, A New Story to Guide us Forward by Janice Dolley, A Message from the Stars by Simon Bentley, Sacred Nature by Colum Hayward and An Experience of Music by Geoffrey Hayward.

Plus, a delightful selection of images from the opening of the Temple of Light at New Lands, along with Jeremy Hayward's The Healing Page, Jenny Dent's Meditation Pages and more!

"In the knowledge of the presence of your loved ones in spirit, and the presence of the angel throng may you all enjoy a very happy Christ Mass and find true communion heart with heart in your family circle."

White Eagle - A Christmas Message