Our Call to Prayer

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Post by Jenny Dent

One of the many things I love about White Eagle`s teaching is that it is so practical. He reminds us that `the stones that cut your feet as you walk the path of life, have once cut ours!` He has had many earth lives and knows that when we are busy with all the concerns of everyday life, it is actually quite easy to forget about God!

I have just come home from a truly magical long weekend in Istanbul.

(Holiday breaks are always good for our physical and mental well-being, and can help us feel inner renewal as our `spiritual grail cup` is re-filled.) In Istanbul I was staying in a hotel surrounded by mosques in the centre of the city. On my first evening I stood on the roof terrace, when for me the magic happened - the sunset `call to prayer`, sounded from the nearby mosque and was taken up by many more. I literally wanted to get down on my knees in praise of Allah (but I actually did it mentally!).

Mohammed was a very wise teacher; no wonder he made one of the five pillars of Islam, remembrance of Allah at regular times throughout the day; at sunrise, midday, mid-afternoon, sunset and evening. He knew how easy it is, when in a physical body, to forget that praise and thanksgiving to the Creator is of paramount importance in our everyday lives. White Eagle is very practical and very wise too, and he has given us an easy to follow plan for remembrance of God (or the Light) at 3, 6, 9 and 12. In addition he has given us the symmetrical symbol of the six-pointed star, another link with Islam and its stunning use of geometrical patterns in the decoration of its mosques. At regular times throughout the day (and night too, if we are awake!) stopping what we are doing for a few moments, and remembering the Star and the miraculous power of God, can change our whole perception of earthly problems. Our hearts magically open to the inflow of heavenly light, and as `earth wires` we can transmit the `current` to touch and uplift countless hearts.

Our `inner Call to Prayer` reminds us of this everyday. In White Eagle`s own words in his book `Healing the World`, he says:

Deep within your heart is the never-ending spring of life and power. As you live in this life and light, you are a brother of the light, and cannot fail in your efforts to help mankind...try to distinguish between the limitations of personality and the limitlessness of God`s life. Live to send out light, and this means seeing good in everything.