Paneurhythmy: A Dance Linking the Earth, all Nature and the Cosmos

Estimated Reading Time: 2-3 minutes

Behind the Temple of Light at New Lands, a moment of discovery will take place. A gradual awakening through dance.

The framework in which the dance movements are performed will gradually induce, in the participants, a meditative state in which they stimulate the energies of the Earth to rise and link with the energies of higher beings.

This is the wonderful, gentle dance-yoga of Paneurhythmy.

The aim of Paneurhythmy is to produce an awareness in the dancers of their oneness with nature and the cosmos. The dancers are the link between the Earth, the whole of nature and the cosmos, and they too, become part of this interplay, part of this dance of energy, which is said to circulate between the Earth, the sky and around the dancers in the most beautiful formations and colours, and to link all with the Divine Spirit. 

Later, song is introduced and this increases the power of the dance. Peter Deunov, the giver of the paneurhythmy, said that sound and music are extremely important, and he encouraged everyone to learn to sing. Each movement – and the movements are all very simple – symbolises a quality in life. For example, 'Awakening' symbolises an individual’s awakening to the awareness that there is a God, 'Giving' reminds us that to continually give is a good and wonderful thing, 'Reconciliation' teaches us to acknowledge our contradictions within and to reconcile ourselves to them, and 'Ascending' is a lovely upward movement, helping us to really feel we are rising towards God.

Later still, the participants become aware of colour. Each movement creates a different colour, and so for those who are performing the dance well, a very beautiful vision of colour and sound is available to them. If the dance is performed well, if the dancers strive for correctness in the movements, if they are disciplined and gentle too, then the greater the energy will be. Then we begin to vibrate in harmony with the cosmic rhythm, and our own latent forces become activated. 

Thus, the whole of the paneurhythmy is a lesson in how life should be lived, but with the bonus that the dancers are also blessed with this wonderful energy. To look at the faces of the other dancers is to see people caught up in another level, another world – for the short time the dance lasts. But the memory of these feelings linger, and helps in ordinary life, and our connection with the Divine Spirit is strengthened.

Sarah Dawkins will be holding six paneurhythmy sessions at White Eagle Lodge.