StarNotes: Thoughts for Mother's Day

A post by the worldwide spiritual mother of the White Eagle Lodge

Here in the UK we celebrate Mothering Sunday three weeks before Easter. 

In days gone by, those 'in service' in stately homes, (like in Downton Abbey and Gosford Park!), were allowed a day off from their arduous duties to visit their mothers. 

It is especially lovely that whatever the actual date of Easter, which varies year by year,  Mothers' Day comes in spring time when hopefully we have sunshine and our gardens and hedgerows are filled with flowers. 

Making a gift of flowers for our mothers, or maybe placing a posy of flowers by a treasured picture of mothers who have passed on, is a tradition which we keep in my family.

In White Eagle's teaching, the feminine aspect of the Creator, Mother God, has always been given its rightful place in our prayers and our first principle states that `'God, the Eternal Spirit is both Father and Mother'.

Over the past centuries this perfect balance of creation has often been out of balance, with the male energy dominant, and we are all witnessing a negative aspect of this in the heartbreaking conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 

We are seeing the awful consequences of violence and the break up of homes and families. But in every terrible situation, there always seems to come a ray of sunshine through the clouds. 

A ray of sunshine I am seeing now, is the awakening in so many human hearts (men, women, children) of an even deeper compassion than hitherto - a longing to do something to help, to nurture, to care, to offer food and shelter - all qualities linked with mother energy.

So, on this Mothering Sunday, as well as thanking my own mother in my heart, for all her caring, and the wonderfully happy childhood she and my father gave me and my sister Rose, (growing  up at New Lands!), in my prayers for Russia and Ukraine, I am affirming that our shining Star of Peace will help awaken even more of the balancing energy of Divine Mother's great wisdom and unconditional love for all involved, and all seeking to help.

On the back cover of Seeking Serenity (my favourite White Eagle book), I have just read these words:

"We see a most wonderful development in humanity and in human life on the earth plane. You become disappointed by the disputes and misunderstandings between people and the conflict between the races, but we see, beyond your mortal vision, a wonderful growth going on.

We see rays being projected to the earth in love from the vast Brotherhood above...You talk about love on your earth, but you have little understanding of the power and beauty of love as it is known on the higher planes.

This love is always at work; this light, this tenderness, this understanding one for another and this outpouring of love and light to the earth."

Seeking Serenity