The Jigsaw of Life

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Post by Jenny Dent

In the 1980s I wrote a series of four books: Spiritual Teaching for Children, in which I endeavoured to set out the main precepts of the Ancient Wisdom in a fun way with games and pictures to colour. The titles were: God Loves Us All, Where is Heaven, The Giant Jigsaw and Great Teachers.

In The Giant Jigsaw I wrote, `Life is rather like a a giant jigsaw puzzle. If you look at the pieces separately before the jigsaw is done, they seem an awful muddle! But later on, you see how the pieces do all fit together. Divine Law, God`s law of life makes sure all the pieces fit together eventually!` I went on to say: `At school you learn about natural laws, like the law of gravity, which affects all life on earth. We see natural law at work all the time in the changing seasons, growth and decay, and the order of the sun, moon, the planets, universe and stars.`

`Life on earth and in heaven is also goverened by spiritual laws. Unlike laws made by men, spiritual laws are absolutely fair and just to all. All created life, whether on earth or in heaven, all people whether they believe in one religion or another, or in none at all, all are subject to the same spiritual law. No-one ever escapes or evades the eventual outworking of this law. No one can get away with wrong doing or causing hurt to another creature, human or animal. Spiritual law is precise, definite, certain and scientific and is as much a part of life as we are ourselves.`

If you are joining in our distant healing work you will know that those words are used in our Order of Service. Distant healing works as a result of putting into practice `a law of healing`, and working with the Angels of Healing and the wonderful power of the Six-pointed Star, which helps awaken the Christ power and light within every human heart. But the miracle of healing in our individual lives manifests within the parameters of our own karma and the way the many pieces of our individual jigsaw fit together, often spanning many life times. This means, that sometimes it can be hard to see how everything really does fit together and many people question how the suffering we see in so many areas of life, really can be part of God`s plan and not some terrible mistake.

We are so fortunate, I feel, to have White Eagle`s beautiful teaching which helps us look at life from a clearer perspective. Also in The Giant Jigsaw, I wrote: `In God`s Plan, all is subject to order. It is often difficult for human beings to see this, for we have a limited view, like a worm looking up at a great tall tree, and thinking the tree consists on the piece of bark it can see.`

But in White Eagle`s own words:

`The time comes when we shall all view the situation from the mountain top. Now many are in the valley - although some men have commenced their climb. When we reach the summit we shall see the glorious panorama of the vast scene which the divine wisdom has planned. There are no loose ends, either in your life or the life of any man or woman. God`s plan is exact and perfect.` - Stella Polaris (October/November 2021)