Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri

The Universal Language of Love

Spending time in many countries of the world has been a wonderful opportunity for me in this lifetime. After a very sheltered upbringing, thanks to a wonderful legacy from my godmother, I had the opportunity to do some exciting `adventure travel` in my forties. My trip to Egypt with a friend, brought me my first experience of a culture very different from Europe! The first time I heard the Islamic Call to Prayer awoke many past life memories. My next trip was to Nepal, to trek in the Annapurna mountains. Here I experienced another very different culture, first in the amazing city of Kathmandu, and then trekking with my delightful Sherpa guide, Dil, through the mountain villages. I could not speak Nepalese, (although I made plenty of attempts to try!), but I soon realised something very important. There is an `international language` which is not defined by geographical, religious or cultural boundaries; it is the language of love.

In the villages of Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world, I met some of the happiest children I had ever encountered. Their `toys` were feathers and little stones. They were usually being nurtured by the love of grandparents, elderly aunts and uncles, sharing the family home, and the adults seemed contented too, happy with their simple life. They were smiling and welcoming to us `trekkers` as we walked through their villages and gave us the `Namaste` greeting. This greeting needs no language. It acknowledges that place within every heart chakra (no matter the earthly religious path) where the light of love shines brightly, uniting all the human family.

I have not given up my efforts to master other languages! In my heart I have always longed to learn Arabic, but along with Sinhala, Tamil and Nepalese, these languages which involve a completely different way of writing, have so far proved a step too far for me. However, I continue to work at getting a little more proficient in Spanish. I sometimes talk inwardly with White Eagle about my language efforts and his eyes twinkle as he reminds me that in the inner worlds there are no limitations! White Eagle can speak and understand every language, and so can we, if that is our wish. But, he reminds us that it is the language of love which is universal. We can all communicate with everyone through the love shining in our hearts.

In The Quiet Mind we find the saying headed `No Compromise`. White Eagle tells us,

"If the action of another irritates you and you chafe under a sense of injustice, do not try to attack, even in your thoughts, the one who appears to have offended. Have you not given yourself to the Master of Love? There can be no compromise; your way is clearly shown. It is the way of love, gentleness, peace."

White Eagle