Unique Yoga day announced!

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A special new Yoga day which focuses on healing and reestablishes the ancient practice's original focus is being made available to everyone in November.

The Awareness through Yoga day will take place at our main centre at New Lands on November 19th and forms part of an exciting new series of 'awareness' events being revealed as part of a full reopening of White Eagle Lodge activities.

The day will be run by experienced Yogini Jenny Beeken, who uses a variety of Yoga techniques and traditions to raise awareness of the profound connection between the mind, body, spirit and the Earth itself. Jenny has spent the last twenty two years incorporating Vanda Scaravelli Yoga in her daily practices and ensures that the healing aspects of Yoga are front and centre,

"Vanda Scaravelli taught a deep focus on the movement of the spine", Jenny says. "This awakening penetrates through to the rest of the body so the change that it gives in posture, breathing and mind transforms the whole self."

This is a unique opportunity to begin a journey of awareness through the healing power of Yoga, where the focus and intention is about establishing an awakening connection between the mind and body.

If you would like to book a place on Jenny's Yoga day, please visit our Events page here.