White Eagle’s vision of the temple is as relevant today as it was when given in 1966... 

The original temple at New Lands was built in 1974, on an ancient and sacred hilltop, as a focus for the spiritual work of the White Eagle Lodge.

A symbol of brotherhood, service and love, the temple is strongly connected to the surrounding landscape and to the natural world. It also incorporates the sacred geometry of the octahedron (the three dimensional, eight-sided symbol representing brotherhood) and the cube (a symbol of service and love).

However, in 2017, after a long period of sustained water damage, the temple needed to be replaced with a new design: one fit for the future.

The Path to a New Temple

For decades the Temple at New Lands has served as a beacon of light, both for those who have physically passed beneath its extraordinary dome, and for a wider community that transcends the entire globe.

After the elemental damage became irreversible, a decision was made to construct an equally beautiful new building in its place, to meet the spiritual needs and requirements of the 21st century and, ultimately, the Aquarian Age and beyond.

The Brief

Sacred buildings are often constructed according to certain proportions and oriented in specific directions. These appear to be universal and help to create a subliminal sense of harmony and of sacredness.

The new temple design sought to embody the ethos of simplicity and beauty; using architecture as a sacred expression of the divine.

We asked for the new temple to be:

A jewel and the spiritual heart of the complex, a space where the mind’s consciousness is raised to higher levels of thought. The main space was to feel enfolded, contained and protected, yet also feel connected to the wider landscape through axes running in the four cardinal directions – symbolising the equal sided cross within the circle.

Our vision was for a contemporary building and landscape of outstanding quality, combining beauty and simplicity, to serve the White Eagle work well into the future.

Choosing the Design Team

Following a robust interview and selection process, James Gorst Architects were appointed to design our new temple. They met with our UK facilitators on 10 July 2018 to begin an exciting journey that would end with a new Temple of Light.

Consulting our White Eagle community

Throughout the design process, it was important to make sure we shared and consulted with our worldwide membership. We sent out a questionnaire, held an open event on 18 May 2019 and organised focus groups. All this was to present the design and obtain feedback on the various elements of the build with those who will use the new temple. 

This information was absorbed by the team and helped inform the design of the buildings and surrounding landscape.

The Design

Symbolic of earth, the square plan of the temple is constructed through brickwork – rooting the building in Mother Earth. A timber structure rests on this base forming a circle of light. Above this, four spectacular arches join together to represent the cardinal axes running through the temple. 

This sacred relationship between the circle, square and cross references the White Eagle Lodge symbol of the Cross of Light within the Circle of Light.

You can read more about sacred geometry and the new temple in:

All is in the Masters’ Plan…

When exploring the plans with the architects, we discovered additional layers of detail. A golden mean rectangle, a cube.

Unplanned by the design teams’ conscious minds – but there within the temple space nonetheless; confirmation that those who guide our work are overseeing the manifestation of the new temple.

“Walk in the garden and you will see evidence of God’s love and God’s beauty, God’s gentleness. You will see how nature is gradually unfolding.” - White Eagle

The Landscape 

White Eagle often reminds us of the importance of the natural world around us. 

Alongside the development of the plans for the new temple, we carefully considered the landscape surrounding it: An external sacred space to complement the sacred space of the temple.

This new landscape would nurture and rejuvenate what was there before, while emphasising the importance of the east-west energy line, upon which the temple stands. 

Additionally, a local landscape chakra system would be developed along this path of light. A series of small gardens and focal points would be added, providing an opportunity to pause and contemplate at each chakra.

You can read more about the landscape and the new temple in:

Planning with Mindfulness

New Lands, where the new temple sits, falls within the South Downs National Park. Among many considerations, it was essential that our plans took into account the local natural environment, the impact of the buildings on the local area and the impact of any light pollution. 

With joy (and some relief!) we received full planning permission on 14 May 2019.

Bricks of Light Appeal

While waiting for planning permission to be granted, we launched the Bricks of Light Appeal. This important fundraiser was for both material support and for prayers to help realise the vision for the new temple. 

To view the Bricks of Light leaflet click here

Additionally, one of our facilitators chose to jump 15,000 ft from a plane to raise funds for a ground source heat pump for the new temple. To view photos of Jeremy Hayward making a daring leap of faith click here.

While these two fundraisers were successful, we're always extremely grateful for the continuous support we receive from our members and followers.

If you are able to continue supporting the new temple project with a donation, no matter the size, you can do so by visiting our donations page. Thank you.

Construction Begins!

The following images show some of the unique elements of the new temple as it gradually rises up from the ground:

To follow:

  • Handover
  • Service of Dedication and Open Day