Astrology Update

An update for 19th February 2024, by Patricia Godden

For a few hours on 19thFebruary, there is a strong interaction between the Moon in Cancer, the Sun in Pisces and Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto all in Aquarius. With the Sun and Moon forming a harmonious link there could be a feeling that things are flowing smoothly. However, this may be challenged by the logical mind or a drive for independence.

Over the next two weeks, seven of the ten planets are distributed between Aquarius and Pisces. Aquarius relates to rational thinking while Pisces is associated with sensitivity and feeling. These are different ways of operating but each, in its own way, is involved with the wholeness of life.

Aquarius does this through coordinating what is good for a whole group of people in society, even if the way of doing it may be somewhat detached. Pisces is also conscious of wholeness but more through feeling what is going on at many levels.

Saturn and Neptune have been in Pisces for some time. They will be joined by the Sun on 19th February and Mercury on 23rd of the month. The soul lesson of Pisces is peace through wisdom. Humanity has an opportunity to use wisdom gathered through past experience to bring peace into the world.

During the next two or three weeks, thoughts may intermingle with feelings. People may be more aware of the world through their feelings or intuition as well as their physical senses. At this time, verbal expression could be more sensitive and take into account what is happening for other people. The imagination could also be strong. While this can be used by artists, it can also stimulate new ideals for a better world.

The full Moon on 24th February is in Virgo opposite the Sun, Mercury and Saturn, which are all in Pisces. This facilitates the ability to discriminate between what is real and artificial, between what is feasible in contrast to what is unrealistic. It may not be easy to differentiate between what is worth pursuing and what is best left for now. Careful consideration of any choices could be beneficial.

With the exception of the Moon, all planets are in the signs from Aquarius to Taurus. As the Moon is moving through the remainder of the zodiac, there could be more focus on changes in feelings, habits and behaviours. This is in parallel to the changes that are happening worldwide.

In the last week of February, Venus and Mars move away from Pluto. This eases the tension and intensity of recent weeks. Furthermore, as Pluto has moved on from the first degree of Aquarius in which there is so much to learn, things could seem a little less hectic for a while.

A day or two later, Venus and Mars, still in Aquarius, form a tense link with Uranus in Taurus. The tension is partly relieved as Venus and Uranus are in the sign that the other planet rules. This is called mutual reception. Being a free individual could be appealing as could sharing new and exciting activities. There could also be a move to show greater consideration for the Earth. However, this is only part of the picture.

The interaction between Mars and Uranus can be linked with impatience and a drive to do something radical or different. When this energy is used wisely, it can be highly productive in driving forward new ideas, scientific developments or in activities that need an innovative leader. There is the feeling that the huge amount of energy needs to be handled carefully if it is to be used to best advantage.

Harmonious links from the Sun and Mercury in Pisces to Uranus in Taurus could help to achieve this. Integrating thoughts and feelings can promote understanding of how others might react to new moves. This can be helpful in modifying novel ideas for new actions so they are better suited to the needs of more people.

Over the two weeks covered by this update, Chiron in Aries begins to move away from the north node of the Moon. By early March, harmonious links from both Chiron and the north node of the Moon to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, suggest that it might be easier to be an individual within the context of relationships. This may, in part, be due to a greater understanding of how other people feel.

Neptune in Pisces forms a tense interaction with Jupiter in Taurus. This suggests that bringing compassion and ideals into practical manifestation may not be easy but is a goal that could be well worth the effort.

Keep well, stay happy.