Astrology Update

An update for 10th June 2024, by Patricia Godden

With four planets, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, in Gemini, there is a concentration of energy in this sign suggesting much communication on many different topics. Mercury is harmoniously placed in Gemini highlighting use of the everyday mind in daily matters. There could be so many new ideas to talk about and a love of talking about many subjects to a lot of people.

In some ways, the expansive nature of Jupiter can resonate with these extra connections and range of issues but Jupiter is associated with the higher mind. This might bring more philosophical themes to discussions as well as looking for far‑reaching meanings of what is going on.

The presence of both Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini offers the opportunity to look at life, not only from a superficial level but also to put that information into a wider perspective. For some, this may be the beginning of integrating the everyday mind and the intuition. Being able to blend mental thought with insights aligns with a deeper level of understanding of this sign of the zodiac.

The many ideas currently being considered could find practical outlet as Mars is in the down-to-earth sign of Taurus. Once an idea becomes established much energy could be directed towards manifesting it physically. The desire to do this could be strong and unrelenting. This is enhanced until 21st June due to a tense aspect to retrograde Pluto in Aquarius.

Although both Mars and Pluto are in fixed signs, their interaction can also be associated with much determination to bring about change. Decisive use of willpower could be compelling, in some cases forceful. An old concept may be eliminated to make room for something new. There is much potential for transformation but it might be beneficial to ensure that this vast amount of energy is wisely directed.

Both Mars and Pluto interact with Neptune, which is in the last degree of Pisces. This introduces compassion, empathy and kindness to what might otherwise be a somewhat ruthless energy.

The interaction between Mars and Neptune began earlier in June and will go on until 11th of the month. At one level this is an opportunity to be kind and helpful to other people. Increased understanding of those in challenging circumstances might contribute to their situation being eased. At another level, spiritual values might be applied in everyday undertakings.  

The Neptune-Pluto interaction has been going on intermittently for several years and will continue for a few more years. It is associated with social change and is part of the massive transformation that has been happening. This planetary interplay enhances the role of intuition in worldwide co-operation, the development of technology and the use of the power of thought.

Venus, followed a few hours later by Mercury, move into Cancer on 17th June. The Sun enters Cancer on 20th June. There is a shift in the prevailing energy from the mentally-orientated energy of Gemini to a sensitive, intuitive and nurturing energy of Cancer. It is a time when some of the ideas developed over the last month could be actively cultivated.

The entry of the Sun into Cancer marks the summer solstice, the time when the Sun reaches the most northerly part of its journey. Cancer is the cardinal sign with the soul lesson of peace in action. Far from being a passive sign, Cancer is an active sign in pursuit of inner peace. Conversely, much can be achieved when there is emotional tranquillity.

The full Moon in Capricorn is opposite the Sun in Cancer on 23rd June. There is a tense interaction called a T‑square between these heavenly bodies and Neptune at the end of Pisces. While there could be a lot of emotions, feelings might be controlled as the Moon is in Capricorn. The point of resolution of the whole configuration is in Virgo: the sign that seeks perfection in all it does.

By the end of the period covered by this update, there are five planets in the water element, two in the air element and three in the earth element. For the time being, there are no planets in the fire element, which has the soul lesson of love. However, Chiron and the north node of the Moon are in the fire sign of Aries suggesting that humanity is striving to deal with issues relating to love. Thoughts, feelings and actions are interwoven with this aim.

Keep well, stay happy.