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Post by Jane Lewis

The dedication of the new temple at New Lands on Sunday 23rd October 2022 marks an exciting new chapter for the White Eagle Lodge, and from the astrological point of view, the timing of the event is highly significant as shows the potential it can manifest in years to come. An exact Sun – Venus conjunction in Scorpio stands on the chart’s midheaven, and the overall balance is a blend of cardinal and fixed air signs which makes a strong link with Libra and Aquarius and their ruling planets Venus and Saturn.

The casting of a new horoscope brings an element of excitement, the outer mind hoping to find ‘good’ signs whilst the higher mind knows that there’s actually no such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ chart for it is a natural part of humanity’s slow learning process to realise that both have their place in the greater scheme of things, that both exist within ourselves and must be happily wedded together.

When electing a chart – which means choosing the ‘best’ time for something, be it setting a wedding date, founding a new business or starting some other organisation - it’s a question of choosing a set of planetary conditions that are most appropriate for the work or purpose that is to be done in the future. Through the law of attraction, the planetary energies working through the signs the planets are in and the aspects between them will draw people and circumstances to itself. Having said that, the process of electing the most favourable time for any given event usually has to work within certain time constraints, for example, if you want to get married this year you have to make the most of what’s available in terms of the signs and aspects of the slow-moving planets, otherwise you might have to wait for some years before the absolutely ‘ideal’ conditions prevail, and even then there’s no guarantee that things would be perfect because astrology is not about controlling destiny but allowing the outworking of karma and the expression of free will.

The new temple was formally dedicated at noon on 23rd October 2022 and the planetary positions show good potential for work consistent with the Lodge’s higher purpose to unfold in the coming years. Not all of this potential will manifest straight away of course, for that will unfold over time, through interaction with both current and future generations of members and others involved in its work.

White Eagle often speaks of the special link between our own planet and Venus, as well as between humanity and the messengers from it, and the work of the Lodge has always been closely linked with a Brotherhood on Venus, far-fetched though this might sound to those hearing this for the first time! He says that Venus, when correctly interpreted and fully understood, is the planet from which angel builders come who build the form of the higher mind, and that it exerts a celestial mental influence. Venus is also the planet of love, harmony and peace, but he informs us that the angels of Venus also bring suffering, because while causing harmony, beauty and luxury, they are teaching that comfort and ease can destroy the divine life in man. He says that, with knowledge of the planetary influences on life, we can recognise that the angels of light and darkness always work in harmony: although they appear to be opposed to each other, all are working together to bring about good in the individual and universal life. (T111)

Of Scorpio, White Eagle says that the white eagle represents the higher aspects of the sign of Scorpio. On earth it is a scorpion, but in heaven it’s a white eagle. The soul of man at certain times in its cosmic life – the length of which it is impossible to state – comes under the influence of Scorpio. These times bring special opportunity for spiritual development, for the unearthing of the Divine Spirit in the man/woman. The ancients say that initiation only takes place when the soul is under the powerful influence from Scorpio, or when the soul reacts to the heavenly stream of life-consciousness know as the White Eagle of St John. (T119)