2024: First Quarter

In addition to the general remarks for 2024, for much of this three-month period Jupiter and Saturn will be linked by a harmonious aspect, which encourages a more balanced approach to the many problems which currently beset the world – but it is an opportunity, not a given: it is up to us to make what we can of it, and above all requires realism, patience and perspective to ‘work’ at its best.

Mars, which spends most of this period passing through Capricorn and Aquarius, will help indirectly with this process; it is at its best in Capricorn which, being ruled by Saturn, helps to channel the Martian energy constructively. In Aquarius, it energises the mind and is helpful for originality of thought. In both these signs, Mars will also tend to strengthen the will, which is not always helpful – again, it’s up to us to keep a watch and keep  balanced.

Simon Bentley, Head of Astrology