Distant Healing

What is distant healing?

A process by which healers send spiritual healing to recipients who are not in the same physical location as them. Recipients can be anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

In distant healing, healers sit as a group or individually to send out ‘rays of spiritual light’. Using specific colours, mainly those found in nature, distant healing can be both received and given to people, animals and the natural world. We achieve this through a combination of group prayer and the powerful projection of thought.

Distant healing for people

Distant healing can bring a sense of peace, balance and harmony to your soul. 

Individuals and groups of dedicated healers send out light and love to people each week.

You can apply for yourself and on behalf of others, but if applying for someone else please ask their permission first. No one should be placed on a distant healing list without their knowledge or agreement.

Distant healing for animals

Animals are remarkably responsive to spiritual healing.

We offer healing for individual animals as well as groups (such as endangered species and their habitats).

As with healing for people, we also have individuals and groups of dedicated healers who send out light and love to animals each week.

How we stay in touch

Once you, a friend or your animal is included in our distant healing prayers, we will contact you regularly for updates and to check if you would like the healing to continue.

You can also update us at any time:

Send update (people)Send update (animals)

If you have any other queries, including how to join a healing group, please contact the Distant Healing Office:

Tel: +44 (0) 1730 893 300

Email: distanthealing@white-eagle.org.uk