The latest edition of Stella Polaris is out now!

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Stella Polaris, our bi-monthly magazine, continues to resonate with members and non-members alike as the first edition of 2022 is now available.

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The January - March edition, the first of 2022, opens with a letter from our Lodge Mother as she reflects on the challenges raised by the Covid pandemic and looks ahead to the opening of the new Temple at New Lands.

Four addresses from White Eagle feature in this edition: 

  • Communion Between the Two Worlds 
  • Life in the Heaven World: Harmony and Kindness
  • The Lesson of Life
  • The Power of the Mind and the Power of the Heart

We have some lovely articles on meditation in this edition, including A Meditation for Pioneering Courage!

On top of this, plenty of images of the new Temple slowly rising from the earth and an update on progress, plus more insightful and reflective articles from our White Eagle authors.

"So, beloved, it is not knowledge alone that humankind needs, but development of an inner power which is sometimes called in its early stages intuition. Intuition can evolve to such a degree that it becomes knowledge, absolute and certain knowledge of the God life."

White Eagle - The Power of the Mind and The Power of the Heart