The Temple

"A simple but pure temple through which will flow an increasingly heavenly wisdom and power – a temple which will become a centre of life, a centre of light … a receptacle like a grail cup … to pour out healing power and wisdom into a troubled world."

White Eagle

White Eagle’s vision of the temple is as relevant today as it was when given in 1966. The original temple at New Lands was built in 1974, on an ancient and sacred hilltop, as a focus for the spiritual work of the White Eagle Lodge.

However, in 2017, after a long period of sustained water damage, award-winning architects James Gorst Architects were selected to design a new temple fit for the future.

The new design makes reference to our symbols. This includes the cross within the circle, a symbol that is fundamental to our work and one that sits at the heart of our logo. The circle is symbolic of spirit and the cross of matter.

A symbol of brotherhood, service and love, the temple is strongly connected to the surrounding landscape and to the natural world. 

It also incorporates the sacred geometry of the octahedron (the three dimensional, eight-sided symbol representing brotherhood) and the cube (a symbol of service and love). 

Construction of the temple began in early 2021 and it will be dedicated mid-2022.

What activities will be available?

Activities will include regular services of worship, healing and meditation. Two smaller chapels will be used by healing groups.

A meeting room, with adjacent kitchen, will be available to hire for meetings, lectures, other events and activities.

Temples in Australasia and North America

As well as the Temple at New Lands, there is a White Eagle Temple at Montgomery, Texas (north of Houston), which opened in 1992, and a White Eagle Temple at Maleny, Queensland (north of Brisbane), which opened in 1990.