New Online Events Available!

Inspiration (online)

This is an online retreat led by Anna Hayward exploring what it means to be inspired in any area of life, and what inspiration actually is. How do we recognise and deepen our inspiration?

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Christ Festival Service for Healers (online)

This service is one of rededication for all healers but draws particularly on the flood of light which comes from the higher realms at what is known as the Christ Festival (coinciding each year with the full moon with the sun in Gemini).

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Solar Spirituality: Healing the Earth (online)

This all-day retreat explores our connection with the sun and the importance of earth healing. 

This is not so much the sun in the sky, but instead the spiritual Sun that White Eagle tells us exists ‘behind’ the physical one. 

This retreat is an opportunity to start your spiritual journey on The Path and a perfect introduction to the work of the White Eagle Lodge.

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Cancer Full Moon Service (online)

This service celebrates the full moon when the Sun is in the sign of Cancer, a protective mothering sign.

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