A Candle in the Dark

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Become aware of love, of light; become light and dispel darkness.

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Becoming Centred at the Heart

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Link to your higher self to bring balance and centredness.

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Meditation on the Comforter

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Find stillness and freedom from fear through the breath of the spirit.

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Meditation on the Point of Union

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Find the highest place of union with the spirit within oneself.

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Meditation on the Sun

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Explore the qualities of love through beauty and the spiritual sun.

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Meditation with the Angels

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A meditation to help in times of suffering; building faith in a greater, healing power.

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Meditation on the Other Part of the Self

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Discover that you are more than your physical self.

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The River of the Breath

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Use the flow of divine energy through the breath to 'being transformation'.

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Warmth and Healing from the Spiritual Sun

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Lift your consciousness out of the 'everyday' through the alignment of the chakras and the power of the spiritual sun.

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Inner, Healing Light

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Take a moment. Sit or lie down in calming silence. Begin to let go and listen to our guided meditation on the inner, healing light.

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