Crowning Glory

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Post by Jane Lewis

The coronation of His Royal Highness King Charles and Camilla Queen Consort on 6th May 2023 will be an historical event that will surely attract a good deal of attention not only in Britain but around the world. 

Writing before the event, the exact time is not yet known but a Coronation Chart cast for 12 noon has the kingly sign of Leo rising and 1 degree Taurus on the midheaven. Befitting such an historic national event there is a stellium in the 10th house: a Sun-Uranus conjunction, Mercury and the moon’s north node all in Taurus.

A bi-wheel showing Charles’ birth chart on the inside and the Coronation chart around it reveals that that his crowning occurs at the time of his fourth nodal return, indicating the completion of a major ‘destiny’ cycle and the start of a new one. (His first nodal return in 1967 co-incided with his going to Cambridge University, his second in 1986 with the resumption of his relationship with Camilla after his marriage to Princess Diana a few years earlier, his third in 2005 with his marriage to Camilla.) This latest return culminates with Camilla now being crowned as Queen Consort by his special request. Elevated Mercury in conjunction with the north node is zodiacally conjunct fixed star Schedar, the brightest star in the left breast of the queen in the constellation Cassiopeia, signifying female power which commands respect.

The Coronation chart shows signs of the potential of the King’s reign and what it might mean both for himself and for the nation.  The Sun’s close conjunction with Uranus holds promise for radical change both within the institution of monarchy and British society more generally in sympathy with Aquarian ideals and values.  Venus, ruling the Taurus stellium in the Coronation chart, is in Gemini in the Aquarian 11th house and makes a conjunction with Charles’ natal Uranus, showing that he can spearhead peaceful revolution through willing reforms and allow the institution to update itself and make changes that will make it more relevant and effective in today’s world.

Coronation Venus is zodiacally conjunct two fixed stars: Polaris and Betelgeuse, the former showing potential for showing the way and the latter for success.  Regulus, the star in the heart of the Lion, is parallel the Coronation midheaven, this too promising success provided that any temptation for any revenge is avoided.

The theme of female power, or rather the power of the Divine Feminine principle, comes through strongly through the triple alignment of Charles’ natal Moon, his late mother’s Sun and the Coronation midheaven in the first degree of Taurus.  The transiting Moon at the time of the Coronation is 24 Scorpio which aligns with Charles’ natal Sun and his mother’s MC-Saturn.  Interesting also that Charles’ Part of Marriage is in this same degree.

In 1953 White Eagle gave a number of addresses about the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in respect of its spiritual significance, saying what a special event it was: “In this mystic Isle of Britain the rays of the Sun will shine and crown not only that gracious young woman the Queen, but ALL humanity”. (Inner Teaching T224).  He went on to say that she would be “a channel for a great influence and light that would someday dawn upon the earth, there coming with it a realisation of the need for the mother-influence upon humanity which brings wisdom, love and faith, in fact heralding the coming of the Christ light in the hearts of all people on earth. It is the coronation of the Christ, of the Sun! Even the crown itself is an emblem, a symbol of the Sun, and was formerly in the shape of a half-circle with upstanding spikes which indicated the rays of the sun. Later that crown was gently changed and the points were turned in to the centre. Upon that centre was placed the symbol of the orb (the world), with the cross within the circle above. Do you see what is thus indicated? —the cross of Christ above, the circle of Christ crowning, the Christ supreme upon the earth! Thus a very wonderful symbol is placed on the head of the British monarch.” 

The Teaching explains why any crowning is inextricably linked with religion and always has been, citing Ancient Egyptians who understood the importance of both a man and a woman being crowned together (in those times it was often a brother and sister) in order to get the balance of divine masculine and divine feminine powers, for when a man and woman share the throne a reign of peace and harmony was anticipated.  The enthronement and crowning of the two pharaohs was understood as being a ceremony of initiation, this being preceded by a series or degrees of proving and testing the worth of the candidates to see if they were ready to assume the great responsibility that would be bestowed upon them and ability to do the work expected of them afterwards.  When the candidate passed the tests they were raised in consciousness, as symbolised now by the anointing of Holy Oil since oil which symbolises wisdom.  Appropriate, then, that Jupiter the planet of Wisdom ‘crowns’ the Coronation Chart in the 9th house, holding promise for an active, wise and just reign.