Dancing in the Rain

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Image by Michael Podger

Post by Jenny Dent

I have just come across a saying I wrote in my Meditation Notebook. I keep this beside my bed for intuitive thoughts first thing in the morning, memories of my guide's night time help in my Wisdom School studies, and interesting sayings, which I might want to use one day in my writing!

The saying which stood out for me today was:

'Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain!' We have had a lot of rain here in the UK recently, and many people are facing constant challenges in their personal lives. Then there are deep concerns about climate change and wars. White Eagle reminds us how important our positive thoughts are, and that very cloud has a silver lining...to continue the weather analogy!

Besides the inner work of radiating the light to where there is need, which I am sure is a constant prayer in your days, to 'dance in the rain' is another way of saying that alongside this we need to try to accept all the opportunities which come along to learn through our personal challenges and sorrows, and to try not to allow ourselves to be weighed down with worry!

Easier said than done! Even though we are told to live in the present, looking back can be helpful. Reflecting on my own life, (which has been full of many blessings), I can see how much I have learnt from the difficult times, and can now be thankful for them.

And I have another saying to share today, this is by the wise Sufi sage Rumi:

When the world pushes you to your knees, you're in the perfect position to pray!


So, let's go down on our knees, not just for our Yoga or Pilates practice, but to thank God for every blessing, the opportunity to use our compassion to help others through prayer and sending out light, and for the sunshine of happiness and the rain which helps us dance through our learning opportunities!