Healing the Earth

Estimated Reading Time: 2-3 minutes

By Jeremy Hayward

Readers will be aware that a climax to our Open Day on Saturday June 24th was a gathering in the Temple to take part in our worldwide attunement for healing the Earth, followed by a special Sun Ceremony outdoors in New Lands field. 

About 70 of our over-two-hundred visitors came together in the Temple at 3.00 pm for the attunement. Quietly we made our contact with the life of the spirit and with the Star and there was such a tangible feeling of linking hands with thousands of others around the world. Distance was as nothing. I want to thank from my heart everyone who tuned in on their own or in small groups so much for your dedication and loving service. The time in the Temple was a time of magic with your help and I would like to share the experience of one dear friend there who wrote afterwards:

“I had a very deep experience. I have never really been able to put the image of the star into my healing, although I have the intention, I never see an image.

For the first time, the Star was very much present in my image, and then I saw the Earth, it was held by two large hands, and rested in their palms, protected and nurtured.

I had a sense of awe and wonder. It was really beautiful, thank you.”

I deeply believe in the value and efficacy of our worldwide attunements. In our togetherness lies our power for good. I could write so much more.

Then on to the Sun ceremony! Another way of blessing the Earth. We learnt a simple native American chant, which in translation means approximately ‘I am one with the infinite Sun, forever, forever, forever’, and I demonstrated the ‘tree of light’ breathing practice for those who were new to it. We then went out to the cross-within-the-circle path mown in the field grass. We split into two groups and perambulated the circle in two directions, singing the chant over and over again, 'kuate leno leno mahote, heyono, heyono, heyono'. The very repetitiveness brings you down from the head into your heart and body. It is a hymn to the sun in every heart.

Having been right round the circle, we half walked half danced two abreast down one of the arms of the cross, still chanting, to the centre. There we spread out into a large circle in the long grass. We stood with hands together in front of the heart, feeling the breath of the light breeze on our faces, our bodies, the warm, firm earth beneath our feet.

We did the tree of light breathing first to the words ‘breathing in I open my heart to the sun. breathing out the sunlight blesses the physical earth. Then changing the arm movement, ‘Breathing in the light rises from the Earth. Breathing out the earth and the Sun are one.

I asked everyone to visualize the sun as a golden ball of light and fire above the centre of our circle, which ignited a pile of twigs and small branches in our midst. ‘breathing out, the earth and the Sun are One’.

We stood in rapt silence. The Earth was blessed. Then softly chanting again, ending with heyono, heyono, heyono …

We walked in silence out of the field, back into the everyday world.

And so, two climactic experiences. But the White Eagle Lodge's work of Earth healing also goes on week by week, and as a member you are warmly invited to participate in this, working on your own quietly. We send you an order of service to use, which invokes the help of the angels of the elements, of earth, water, air and fire, and sees the whole planet lifted into the healing light. Spiritual work is not glamorous but it DOES make a difference, and you can be part of making that difference through your weekly attunement and coming together with others inwardly in the light of brotherhood. 

If you are interested in Earth healing and would like to know more about the subject, including what you can do now as a member, please contact our Distant Healing office by emailing distanthealing@white-eagle.org.uk or by calling 01730 893 300.

Alternatively, if you are not a member but are interested in becoming one, for Earth healing or any other aspect of our important work, please click here.