Midsummer and Earth Healing Day Success!

Estimated Reading Time: 2-3 minutes

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who joined in our Worldwide Earth Healing Attunement on Sunday 23rd June. It was wonderful and you were great!. Here at the temple at New Lands we did the full attunement as part of our special Midsummer and Earth Healing Day. At exactly 12.00 noon, the words we had shared with you all and with members and contacts of the White Eagle Lodge throughout the world were spoken. We felt held in the heart of a blazing sun, a sun created by the thoughts of, yes, thousands of people tuning in in their hearts with a common purpose of bringing healing to the planet and humanity's relationship with our dear Earth. It was very powerful.

Together, we did really good work for the Earth and humankind's relationship with it. We will continue with this work each Sunday and we invite you to do the same. 

In the afternoon Jeremy Hayward led our special Sun Ceremony in the Wild Field by the temple. We also performed the 'tree of light' breathing practice, familiarising ourselves with the arm movements coordinated with the breath. We then walked thoughtfully out to the cross-within-the-circle in the Wild Field. We split into two groups, and then perambulated the circle in single file in two different directions. We sang the Native American chant 'Ku-ahte Leno Leno Ma-hote' as we moved, half walking, half dancing around the circle. We sang it over and over again, unceasing. The very repetitiveness of this chant brings you down from the head into your heart and body. It becomes a hymn to the sun in every heart. We are aware of the sun in our hearts. 

Each group having been right the way round the circle, we arrived back at the starting point, the southern arm of the cross, and walked two abreast down the arm of the cross, still chanting, chanting, to the centre. This movement to the centre after the perambulation seems to build a climax. There we spread out into a large circle in the long grass. We stood with hands together in front of our hearts, feeling the breath of the light breeze in the warm sun on our faces, our bodies; the warm, firm earth beneath our feet; our ears open to distant birdsong. We felt close to the elements, to the Earth. Then we did the 'tree of light' standing in our circle, starting with the arms spreading out to the side: 'breathing in I open my heart to the sun.' Then bringing the hands together down in front of the body, as if the movement could continue right down into the Earth, drawing the sunlight down in blessing: 'Breathing out, the sunlight blesses the physical Earth.' Six full breaths. Then standing still again, hands in front of the heart, feeling grounded but hearts uplifted to the sun. We are in our hearts. 

Now doing the arm movements the other way, drawing up the hands in front of the body: 'breathing in the light rises from the Earth'. Then as the arms spread outward on the outbreath: breathing out the earth and the Sun are One. Six full breaths again. Hands together in front of the heart again. The angels of the Earth are close, tangible. We are at the heart of our simple ritual. We gently link hands in the circle. I ask everyone to visualise a golden ball of light and fire above the centre of our group. The light rises from the earth and the golden ball of the sun descends to meet it. 'Breathing out, the Earth and the Sun are One. 'We stand in rapt silence. The Earth is blessed, is held in the Sun. Then taking up the chant again softly, reverently, ending with heyono, heyono, heyono ... forever, forever, forever. We have touched the light, the fire, the sun that never dies. We open our eyes and walk in silence out of the field, back into the everyday world.