The latest edition of Stella Polaris is out now!

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April's edition of Stella Polaris, our bi-monthly magazine, is now available via subscription or one-off purchase

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The April-May edition opens with a letter from the worldwide spiritual mother as she discusses springtime and the Master Jesus, while pointing to meditations that may help you during these challenging times.

Four items from White Eagle feature in this edition: 

  • The Message Jesus Brought
  • On 'the Four'
  • The Buddha and the Master Jesus
  • A talk to healers
  • The Gentle Brother

We have some really inspirational articles in this edition, including The Right Time by Simon Bentley and Pointing the Way by Anna Hayward.

On top of this, there is an update on the new Temple, a joyous meeting online with our European Star Centre leaders, plus more insightful and reflective articles from our White Eagle authors.

"When you touch the divine centre within your being, you know truth and you understand how life should be lived and what will be the result of a life lived in the consciousness of this one supreme universal light."

White Eagle - The Buddha and the Master Jesus