Image by Inbal Malca

New Year Gifts

The days just after Christmas can seem particularly difficult, dark and depressing, even for those fortunate enough to have comfortable homes, loving families, and enough food to eat. It is very sad that 2023 has brought so much suffering to so many people in their personal lives, and traumatic conditions of war and natural disaster all around the world.

A question many may be asking is 'How can a God of love allow these things to happen?' White Eagle's teaching helps us understand and answer this question in both our minds and hearts. Over the 'twelve days of Christmas', in my meditation times, I have been contemplating the significance of the 'gifts' which the Christmas story tells us were brought to the Christ Child. These gifts are not just for Christmas - they are gifts to sustain us throughout our lives on earth.

White Eagle explains every human being is in essence 'a Christ child', with God`s light in our hearts, and we do indeed all receive the gift of Myrrh or bitterness - a gift which may metaphorically stretch us on the cross of suffering - life in a physical body is not easy! But along with this gift, comes Frankincense, the heavenly incense which eases the pain and helps us feel the presence of the angelic helpers who are always close throughout our earthly lives. Then, it's the gift of Gold which can change everything! It`s the gift of the Christ light in our hearts, which truly is 'divine magic'. Saints and seers of all religious paths down the ages have demonstrated this in their resilience to physical and mental persecution.

There is a thought provoking passage right at the end of the book 'White Eagle on Festivals and Celebrations'. White Eagle says: 'It is customary at the beginning of each year for kindly people to wish each other happiness, but what do we mean by happiness? Will satisfaction of our material desires and longings bring us happiness? If every material or even spiritual desire is fulfilled, will this bring us a happy New Year? We do not think you will find this to be so. Happiness is not merely pleasure, for happiness can come sometimes in the midst of great sorrow. Happiness, my friends, is the realization of God in the heart.' Truly - this is the greatest gift of all - GOLD.