The latest edition of Stella Polaris is now available!

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February's edition of Stella Polaris, our bi-monthly magazine, is now available. It can be purchased in our bookstore or you can sign up to become a member and receive all editions throughout the year for FREE.


Four White Eagle articles feature in this edition:

  • To Mother and Inspire the World
  • The Hidden Secrets
  • From a Course of Spiritual Unfoldment
  • Initiations: An Explanation

...along with a selection of interesting articles from our authors, including A Higher Octave by Anna Hayward, Forgiveness by Jane Sorbi, The Temple Speaks by Simon Bentley, Building the Solar Body by Colum Hayward, The Cross of Light by Maggy Payne and A Little Piece on Silence by Michael Bethell. 

Plus, a photo feature from the recently refurbished Retreat House at New Lands, along with Jeremy Hayward's The Healing Page, Jenny Dent's Meditation Pages and more!