Thank You Mum

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Image by Zoe Schaeffer

Post by Jenny Dent

One of my favourite films starring Meg Ryan, quite an old one now, is called French Kiss! It`s a delightful love story. Early in the film Meg asks the French guy sitting next to her on her flight to Paris, if he has ever really loved a woman. (They had got into conversation because of her fear of flying!) He replies, `I loved my mother!` And she says that doesn`t count because everyone deep down loves their mother, even if there were/are problems.

It is certainly true that even if, sadly, we never knew our birth mother, the act of caring for, loving and guiding a child into adulthood, is a God-granted gift and opportunity for any of us, whether incarnating this time around in a female or male body.

I think that one of the really good outcomes of our moving more into the energy of the Aquarian Age is that old stereotypes of the roles of mother and father have largely faded away. Many dads are there at their child`s birth and are just as competent at nappy changing as the mums. Actually, maybe it takes more than this though, for all the old deeply ingrained `thought patterns` to change. My daughter, Sara, teaches A level Sociology, and it is interesting talking with her about how far we still have to go, even in our society here in the UK. The Aquarian age energy is gradually starting to bring balance, and it is accepted that mothers can have careers outside the home, and do very well in many professions previously associated only with men. However, I think in most households, it`s the `mothering energy` which keeps everything on track, meals, washing, cleaning, planning the daily schedule, school runs, after school activities and outings, even if tasks are well delegated! Probably this is because women have been programmed through many generations to be able to multi-task!

Mothering Sunday, traditionally the day when girls `in service` were allowed to go home to visit their mothers, is celebrated three weeks before Easter, so this year, it is Sunday March 10th. It is a good time to remember our mothers, or those who mothered us through our early years, even if they are now enjoying their `heavenly life`. Inwardly saying, `thank you Mum`, is a gift to them, but also brings a happy glow in our own hearts, and (whether we are incarnating this time around in a female or male body) helps the gentle, wise and unconditional love of Divine Mother shine out more brightly as our `Mother`s day gift` to others too.

A few words from White Eagle, as he asks us to meditate on her love:

Picture her manifestating not only through physical form, but as the Divine Mother in all nature - as the Mother Earth, producer of all life, beauty, purity and sweetness, and the food so bountifully given to sustain you. You could not live without the bounty of Divine Mother.

White Eagle on Divine Mother, the Feminine and the Mysteries