The Swing of the Pendulum

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Image by Milos Lopusina

Post by Jenny Dent

White Eagle teaches us about what he calls the Five Great Laws...Divine law which governs life on earth and in heaven. One of these is the 'The Law of Equilibrium'.

To put it simply, this actually means that in the long term things balance out. In successive incarnations our life experiences can go from one extreme to another. So one life we could be very rich and another really poor. In one, we might have a very strong athletic body and in another have to go through physical challenges...and so on. Every life on earth, in different countries, cultures and conditions, we have the opportunity to bring balance and deeper understanding of the perfection of God's glorious plan.

I think we are in a time now when the pendulum is starting to swing back from the 'throw away age' of recent decades to 'a make do and mend' time like in days gone by during the second world war and the years immediately following. TV programmes like BBC's 'The Repair Shop' and ITV's ‘Find it, Fix it, Flog it’, have become popular, and there is a growing realisation of the need to conserve resources and our natural world. We cannot go on for ever plundering and killing for short term gain. I also love the fact that in both these programmes, any money earned from 'fixing it', is usually donated to charities. The pendulum is swinging back from selfishness to caring for the less fortunate.

Recently I have been re-reading the book White Eagle on Living in Harmony with the Spirit. Chapter 8 deals with the Law of Equilibrium, (subtitled: Working for Harmony), and White Eagle says:

Imagine the law of equilibrium like this: at one end of the pendulum, sweetness; at the other, bitterness; at the one pain, the other joy. There is always the rhythmic swing. Once men and women realise this, they can meet fate with a placid spirit: never regretting, and always ready to learn from experience.

White Eagle

Though this is hard to do under very challenging circumstances, still we can receive help more easily if we can accept the swing of the pendulum. Also, with this knowledge we can be more balanced channels for the light to help others.

We also have the opportunity to bring harmony and balance into our everyday lives. The cover of the book shows a beautiful three dimensional six-pointed star, reminding us of the need to balance our earthly lives with our spiritual work and aspiration. We can do that now in the Aquarian age, endeavouring to balance our inner work and service, with happy, fun-filled activities which nurture our physical 'temple'. White Eagle goes on to say,

This law of equilibrium applies on all planes of life, from the lowest to the highest. It governs all creation and every aspect of human nature.

White Eagle