Where is Heaven?

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Post by Jenny Dent

Many years ago now I wrote a series of four books entitled ' Spiritual Teaching for Children'. The third book in the series I called 'Where is Heaven'.

These days not many children would believe that this place known as 'Heaven' is up there somewhere in space, but I think many can accept that loved family members and friends still exist 'in another dimension'. At Halloween time there are lots of strange stories and speculations about ghosts, which can be scary even for adults!

I believe that one of the most helpful aspects of White Eagle's teaching is the certainty he offers us about what happens when the physical body dies and the way in which everyone - 'saint and sinner' alike is cared for. There are many helpful short and easy to read passages in his Little Book of Comfort for the Bereaved. I have been reading this book a lot in the last few months since I 'lost' a very dear lifelong friend, and now we have just passed the anniversary of the day my Mum made her transition. Because this is what it is - a transition - and the joy of a new body, a new start, and an opportunity to look at things from a new perspective and maybe put right past mistakes.

This April I watched my friend take his last breath, and many years ago my Mum, so it has been very comforting to read these words:

'You will not know when you take your last breath. You will be entirely unconscious that it is your last breath, but you will feel you are lighter. You are free. You will look around you, and you will see your familiar room, maybe your own bedroom, or wherever you are, a place that is familiar to you, and you will not know you have passed on. It will gradually become a little misty, and you will think, 'this is a smoke screen!' and that smoke will gradually dissolve, and you will find yourself in a beautiful world of light.'

White Eagle's Little Book of Comfort for the Bereaved

White Eagle assures us there is always a familiar face waiting to greet every new arrival in this 'heaven world'! He also explains what happens in the case of sudden deaths caused by war and natural disaster,

"We want you to know they are instantly taken care of. When they walk out of their body they do not know what has happened to them....but they find someone, a friend, waiting. There is a perfect plan for the care of every soul."

White Eagle

I hope you find these words as comforting as I have.