White Eagle Healers Rally as Patient Numbers Rise

The Distant Healing Office, which provides White Eagle distant healing support and handles administrative operations, has seen a sudden increase in the volume of patients requesting White Eagle healing.

This comes amidst a gradual decline in experienced healers.

In September the Distant Healing Office sent a feedback form to all their distant healers. They do this every couple of years to reach out to those whom take a White Eagle healing service for the Earth, Animal and/or Human patients. But this time, the healing office included an invitation asking healers to consider taking on another healing service, or an extra list of patients in light of a rapid increase in the number of people requesting healing.

The response was immediate, with many offering to take on extra patients and/or other healing services.

Christine and Clair the administrators for the Distant Healing Office say they are,

"Incredibly grateful to the entire White Eagle distant healing community in the UK and overseas, who work tirelessly caring for patients – The healing service would simply not exist without you. A very big heartfelt ‘thank you’ goes out to all the healers and we are very touched by all of those who have answered the call and taken on another healing list."

White Eagle Lodge's healing office is always looking for new healers to help those in need navigate the challenges they face in daily life. If you are new to our work, an existing distant healer, or if you are a member looking to get more involved in your membership, the healing office would like to hear from you. 

Please email distanthealing@white-eagle.org.uk or call 01730 893 300 between 10:00 - 15:00 (Monday - Friday).