How is the course structured?


You must have completed either the Beginner or Preparatory course prior to enrolling on the Advanced course. Additionally, you may only move on to subsequent modules once previous modules are complete (e.g. Module 1 > Module 2 > Module 3).

Students are prohibited from practising professionally until they’ve gained the diploma and signed the school’s Code of Practice.

Note: This does not apply if you already hold a diploma-level qualification from another school.

Module 1

Our first module consists of lessons in the various facets of delineation to prepare the student for practical work on horoscopes. It also features a number of interesting real-life case histories.

10 lessons:

  1. Introduction to the Seven Rays
  2. The Seven Rays (2): basic descriptions; observing them in action in everyday life.
  3. The Seven Rays (3): their operation at the different levels of consciousness
  4. Zodiacal subdivisions; the importance of house cusps; analysis of the charts of twins – how are the differences shown?
  5. Aspect patterns (1): conjunctions and satellitia
  6. Aspect patterns (2): oppositions, squares and grand crosses
  7. Aspect patterns (3): grand trines
  8. The Moon’s nodes
  9. The importance of the houses; vocational guidance, health and relationships; finding the talents and abilities in the horoscope
  10. The complete birth chart; putting together a delineation including analysis at deeper levels

Module 2

The second module deals with the various methods of prognostication.

8 lessons:

11. The progressed horoscope (1): the Arabian ‘day for a year’ method, progressed and converse; finding adjusted calculation dates; charting and calculating progressed and converse secondary directions; the progressed angles

12. The progressed horoscope (2): interpreting the major progressions

13. The progressed horoscope (3): transits; eclipses and new moons

14. The progressed horoscope (4): the cycles of the Moon

15. The progressed horoscope (5): the lunar aspects

16. Symbolic directions

17. Solar returns

18. Rectification: the problem of the unknown birth time

    Module 3

    The third module introduces other astrological techniques and tackles ethical issues. As with our other two courses, the emphasis is on the spiritual interpretation of the horoscope, the life path and lessons as shown in it and how these apply to practical life and problems.

    10 lessons:

    19. Chiron

    20. Synastry: chart interactions and comparisons; looking at relationships using synastry; composite charts

    21. Midpoints

    22. Harmonics

    23. Draconic astrology

    24. The major asteroids; the fixed stars

    25. An introduction to horary astrology

    26. The astrological consultation

    27. The written horoscope

    28. Finding one’s ‘path of light’: astrology, meditation and intuition