How is the course structured?

The course consists of 14 lessons:

  1. Introduction; definitions and symbols.
  2. Astronomy for astrologers: time and space, planets, houses, angles.
  3. The Planets: their glyphs; their nature and influence.
  4. The Signs of the Zodiac: planetary motion in relation to them; their symbols; their rulers. The Elements and Qualities. The individual signs considered.
  5. House systems and their derivation.
  6. The Houses: the qualities and elements associated with them; the individual houses.
  7. Understanding Time; local time, standard time, summer/daylight saving time; sidereal time.
  8. Calculating a horoscope by hand: calculation of angles and house cusps, transferring to chart forms; calculation of planetary positions, charting them; calculating aspects, types of aspect, tabulating aspects.
  9. Calculating a horoscope on a computer.
  10. Aspects: their interpretation; specific aspects described.
  11. Interpreting the horoscope: basic steps in chart interpretation, with reference to example chart.
  12. Looking ahead; a basic study of transits.
  13. The History of Astrology.
  14. Preparing for the Advanced Course.

Astronomy Appendix: Further astronomical definitions and illustrations.

Aspect Appendix: Aspects considered in terms of the signs occupied.