Sending out Light with the Christ Star

Everything can be transformed by the power of light. We believe in a universal spirit and the creative power within us. 

The six-pointed Star, with the triangles seamlessly joined, is a symbol for spiritual light. This is the force that brought life into being. White Eagle calls it the universal Christ Star. The upward-pointing equilateral triangle is our aspiration and return to God. The downward-pointing triangle is the descent of the trinity of wisdom, love and power into us. The two imposed on each other without the internal lines indicate jointly the ascent of the individual into the universal, and the descent of the universal into the individual. The six-pointed star is the realisation of the complete interpenetration of God and humankind, and a symbol of unconditional love through the full mastery of the self. 

We can use a visualisation of the Star to invoke the power of light to heal our world.

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