What is heart meditation?

White Eagle’s heart meditation is unique because it centres on the heart chakra. As one of seven major chakras in the body, the heart chakra is part of an internal energy system that derives from ancient India. 

Central among the seven main chakras, the heart chakra is perfectly placed as the balancing point between all the others.

How to use the heart to meditate

Our meditations begin by taking you to your heart chakra. This could involve encouraging you to visualise an image of beauty in your heart’s mind – something you love and can imagine, such as the view of distant mountains or a quiet lake. 

You watch the scene become still and then immerse yourself in it. Maybe the light across the water leads you into a contemplation of the sun itself. Soon, you are part of the sun, leaving your earthly limitations behind. You are meditating. 

This is one of many ways you can practise a heart meditation. It can also involve breath work, walking meditations, the celebration of cycles – such as full moons or the seasons – or even the chanting of a mantra.

How can I achieve deeper meditations?

Achieving a deep meditative state requires commitment and regular practice. We offer guided meditations, group meditations and courses to help you develop your meditation practice. 

For an excellent guide on how to reach this very special state of consciousness – where you lose all sense of separation and feel you are one with all life – read Meditation by Grace Cooke

Short meditations are often just as effective as longer ones at changing your mental patterns and helping to you get centred.

Is it better to meditate alone or in a group?

Although heart meditations are frequently done alone, White Eagle encourages the teaching and practice of heart meditation within a group. There are various advantages to practising as part of a White Eagle meditation group:

  • Developing a shared consciousness by connecting with others and tapping into the same silence.
  • Learning from each other through sharing experiences and asking questions.
  • Encouraging a consistent and healthy practice.
  • Raising the vibration through the amplification of peace.

What can I do now?

  • Try this heart meditation.
  • Attend one of our regular meditation-based retreats.
  • Visit our shop for meditation books and CDs.