Astrological Update

An update for June 27th 2022, by Patricia Godden

On 27th June, Venus in Gemini is trine to Pluto. At a superficial level, this can indicate changes in appearance. At a more profound level, there can be a transformation in social taboos.  From 1st to 5th July, there is a sesquiquadrate between these two planets. This mildly tense aspect can emphasise the power of appearance, both for individuals and on the world stage. The power of money could also be highlighted at this time.

Mars in dignity in Aries is square to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn for the period covered by this update. There is a strong urge to take enterprising action to change things that are well established. Willpower may be used to eliminate what is thought to be no longer necessary and bring about a total transformation.

The energy of the square is strong and merits consideration of how to use it wisely. Around 5th July when Mars moves into Taurus, the energy changes from one of dynamic action to a steadier and more determined energy. At this time, with both Mars and Pluto in earth signs, there can be a strong drive towards service that involves practical, down-to-earth action.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct in Cancer at the new Moon on 29th June, and both luminaries are square to Jupiter in Aries and sesquiquadrate to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius. Expansive new initiatives in caring and nurturing may be for personal benefit but they could also be applied to society or to humanity in general. It may need diligent effort to make the most of these energies.

Neptune in Pisces stations on 27th June to enter its annual retrograde phase two days later. In the hours when Neptune is stationary, reality could appear to be less clear cut. This phase is necessary to begin to dissolve old ideas that have outworn their usefulness. New ways of perceiving reality can then emerge during the coming five months while Neptune is retrograde.

This process of shifting how humanity perceives reality is the forerunner of social change. It is helped during early July by harmonious aspects from Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Hopes and wishes for better systems could seem rather elusive but that could, in part, be due to there being so many ideas that it is challenging to select the most useful, particularly while Mercury in Gemini is square to Neptune.

Mercury trine Saturn from 28th June until 6th July will help to counter this rather diffuse energy. This aspect suggests caution in looking at the numerous ideas so that the most suitable are selected and strategies for their implementation can be careful worked out. There could be much common sense in adapting those plans so they are appropriate to society as a whole.

Mercury in Gemini sextile Mars in Aries until 5th July is associated with talks on many new and enterprising ideas. These planets move into Taurus and Cancer, respectively, on 5th July but remain sextile for another few days. There is a shift from inspiration and aspirations to intuition and application of ideas. Communication could focus more on the family, feelings and practical service.

The Sun in Cancer is sextile to Uranus in Taurus from 4th – 16th July and square to Chiron. This can shine light on the need to take greater care of the world’s resources. The soul lesson of Cancer is peace in action. Original new developments that may be part of a greater movement towards peace on Earth could contribute to the evolution of human consciousness.

Uranus is conjunct the north node of the Moon and semisextile to Chiron for the whole of the period covered by this update. There is a feeling with these aspects that humanity is finding new ways to use the world’s resources. What comes to light could help resolve issues of supply and demand but it may also contribute to recognising deeper truths about the role of humankind on Earth.

The planets from Jupiter to Pluto are retrograde for several months each year. This allows humanity to go deeper within and explore new ideas and ways of looking at life. This is often at a subconscious level so can be quite subtle. Generally, we are not conscious of these changes on a day-to-day basis but accept the gradual progress that results from them.

Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius are all retrograde by the end of June. Old boundaries and beliefs are dissolving, old structures and establishments that have served their purpose are gradually breaking down and old ways of considering the needs of humanity are being revised. What can emerge from this subtle, almost insidious re-evaluation of life are new beliefs and different organisations with new ways of considering and managing global needs. There is so much to look forward to.

Keep well, stay happy.