Astrology Update

An update on 27th November 2023, by Patricia Godden

This update starts with a full Moon. On 27th November 2023, the Moon is in Gemini while the Sun is opposite, in Sagittarius, and close to Mars. At one level, this can be interpreted as daily life being enthused with a sense of adventure, exploration and wonder. At another level, it can be thought of as a more philosophical theme permeating everyday life and interactions between people.

However, as the Sun represents spirit and the Moon signifies the soul, this full Moon suggests that wisdom and love from spirit are shining light on to the soul of humanity. The closeness of Mars strengthens the energy of the Sun. The desire to bring unconditional love into daily life can be closely linked with infinite wisdom at this time.

All of these possible manifestations of the full Moon energy are held in check by squares from Saturn to both the Sun and the Moon. While it might feel that the enormous amount of energy that could be available is limited or restricted, it can be used responsibly and with care. By being precise, skilful and well-ordered a lot can be achieved at this full Moon. Far-reaching ideas could be used in everyday life.

Within a day, Saturn moves to form a harmonious interaction with Mercury. Talks over the next ten days may be carefully worded. This would particularly be the case after Mercury moves into Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, on 1stDecember.  However, such care might be prudent until the square between Mercury and Neptune passes on 3rdDecember.

The practical consequences of talks is enhanced while Mercury in Capricorn is trine to retrograde Jupiter in Taurus. An opposition from Jupiter to Venus, which is in Scorpio after 4th December, suggests that the talks could go to deeper levels in an effort to find peaceful solutions. This may be noticed in many different parts of life ranging from personal to global issues.

Mercury is retrograde three times a year. Its speed changes much of the time as it repeatedly goes retrograde and then direct. Mercury is currently slowing down prior to going retrograde later in December. The time when Mercury is decelerating can be associated with taking more time to think. This could be useful before the retrograde period when thoughts and ideas are revised.

Over the next two weeks, the Sun and Mars are in Sagittarius while retrograde Jupiter is in Taurus. Sagittarius is a fire sign and associated with aspirations and sometimes with a willingness to take risks. In contrast, Taurus is a fixed sign that is steady and prefers to know what is going on. While these are significant differences, there is a link between the planets as Jupiter rules Sagittarius.

For some of this time, there is a quincunx between the Sun-Mars conjunction and Jupiter. There is a lot of energy in this configuration. It may be used to bring ideals and aspirations for a better life down to earth but this may take various attempts. A willingness to try something new could help achieve goals. There could be much determination to work together for the higher good of life on Earth.

This is highlighted for a few hours on 7th December when the Moon in Libra interacts with retrograde Jupiter and the Sun-Mars conjunction. Understanding the needs of other people could be heightened and contribute to attempts to bring equilibrium in an ever-changing world.

Pluto in Capricorn continues to form tense aspects to the south node of the Moon in Libra and the north node of the Moon in Aries. There is a strong drive for change. The challenge to bring harmony and equilibrium into new initiatives goes on. There can be much determination to effect change while the nodes of the Moon are stationary on 8th and 9th December.

Pluto is also square to Venus, initially in Libra and after it moves into Scorpio. From 6thDecember, Pluto is also square to retrograde Jupiter in Taurus. All three of these planets are associated with money, each in its own way. There might be changes in the financial systems, the power of money, values or how much value is placed on materiality.

This resonates with the movement of Pluto from the down-to-earth and ambitious sign of Capricorn into Aquarius, the sign of brotherhood. Pluto has been moving between these two signs since March 2023. After November 2024, Pluto will stay in Aquarius for twenty years. There could be further advances in technology as well as opportunities to learn about co-operation not only with other people but also other forms of life on Earth.

Keep well, stay happy.