The Sky Now: 2022

The effects of Pluto continue to reverberate, but the overall planetary pattern has changed significantly over the last year. If we will take it, the opportunity is there for the global upheaval indicated by Pluto to be addressed constructively from both the practical and spiritual viewpoints at the same time, bringing a balanced approach combining common sense and inspiration. Read more

January - March 2022

Frustration will be evident; a ‘happy’ new year will depend on its restraint. Those with practical and commonsense views will fare best!

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April - June 2022

A solar eclipse indicates some surprises; economic issues need addressing. Perhaps better to accept gracefully than fight the inevitable!

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July-September 2022

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October - December 2022

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From world politics, major global events, human behaviour changes or news that might affect you, we match the stars to the here and now.

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Astrological Update

Want to know what the stars are saying about a specific date? Find out more in our latest astrological update.

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