The Sky Now: 2023

Time for us all to make a supreme effort to face the truth and act accordingly! Now that 2022 is behind us, what can we learn from the sky in 2023? To find out why we will need to face the truth and act accordingly, click here.

January - March 2023

Frustration will be evident; a ‘happy’ new year will depend on its restraint. Those with practical and commonsense views will fare best!

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April - June 2023

A time to resist any temptations to recklessness or to waste energy!

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July-September 2023

A resolutely positive outlook on life is to be encouraged in order to get the best out of this period.

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October - December 2023

The challenge is to blend perfectly the two qualities of caring and common sense.

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Astrology Blog

From world politics, major global events, human behaviour changes or news that might affect you, read Jane Lewis' latest astrology post.

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Astrology Update

Would you like to know what the sky is saying about current times? Find out more in our latest astrology update with Patricia Godden.

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