2023: First Quarter

Jupiter has just moved into Aries at new year and this sets a positive and forward-looking tone to start the year, even though humanity is having to work through so many challenges. This helps to work against the rather awkward Saturn-in-Pisces temptations mentioned above. 

Meanwhile Mars, following a retrograde period, moves forward again from mid-January, loosening the restrictions and delays that have been felt at many levels but also warning us all not to be too aggressive in our thoughts and communications – Mars is in Gemini for nearly all this period. In late March, however, it moves forward into Cancer and is aspected by Saturn; as both planets will then be in water signs, this is likely to be a testing time emotionally. 

This is also the time that Pluto begins its first little dip into Aquarius, so we must ‘hold tight, keep calm and carry on’!

Simon Bentley, Head of Astrology